Monday, November 22, 2010

Do the Calgary Stampeders have a legitimate beef with the refs for todays loss?

Let's examine the questionable calls:

1. Illegal contact on an eligible receiver (3 times). Two times the Stamps player practically layed out the receiver. Thrid time he grabbed his jersey. Right calls... all three. Oh, and by the way. In the post game interviews the Stamps players kept saying "pass interference". They were clearly not.

2. Intentional grounding: Wrong call. There was clearly a Stamp receiver nearby... just because the ball didn't cross the line of scrimmage shouldn't matter.

3. Taunting: Good call. If he just does the flex thing as he walks by the Rider DB... then all it good. But he gets right into his face and does it... blatant and correct.

4. Fumble recovery, by the Riders, in the end zone. Correct call. A Stamp player (who should have just jumped on it instead of try to pick it up) kicked the ball into the end zone (the fact that it was kicked inadvertently is the same as if it had been knocked in any other way) . Since they put the ball into goal... there is no points awarded when the Riders recover.

5. Cate's fumble. Overturned and correct. Both his elbow and then his knee were clearly down.

Oh... and a couple more things. Just like the Riders did in the Grey Cup last year, Calgary took their time out early in the 2nd half. Turned out to be a huge factor at the end. And, Calgary missed a chance to challenge the Cate's touch down. I don't think he was in before his knee hit.

6. One call I forgot about. After the TD to Cary Koch, there was an unnecessary roughness penalty as the players rushed to congratulate each other. Dwight Anderson gave Dressler (I think) a wee shove as he ran past... which caused Dressler to slip and wipe out. On a regular field nothing happens and nobody notices. Still, the extra little shot was unnecessary and, actually, unlucky.


Stanley said...

Intentional grounding was the correct call.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.