Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eve - the Older Woman

Our buddies, the scientists, are continuing to come up with really neat discoveries that are not only pointing to a creator, but are constantly proving the historical records of the Bible. I've talked about how archaeology has, time and time again, confirmed the geographical details of the Bible (i.e., towns, locations, political leaders, etc.). Now, geneticists are discovering that "Eve" is older than "Adam".

Oh, wait a minute! What?

Well, it turns out that, through the discovering and mapping of DNA, you can backtrace who's related to who by the different markers that we all have in our DNA. As they have being doing this, they have come to the conclusion that all of us come from one female ancestor. They call her "mitochondrial Eve". However, as they backtrack the male line... they come up with a noticeably younger date, meaning, the "Adam" that we all descend from came along much later than "Eve". Now, on the surface, this is puzzling unless you read your Bible. It turns out that "Adam" is actually Noah! The Bible clearly states that Noah and his four sons were the only males that survived the flood. However, each of the sons had a wife who each came from different mothers (probably). Therefore, the female lineage would continue back to the real Eve... but the male lineage would "bottleneck" at Noah.

Now, how could the writers of the Bible (in this case Moses) not only know the universe came into existence out of nothing (the Big Bang) but also know that we humans came about from Adam and Eve, bottlenecking through Noah? This information would have been impossible for a writer to make up...and then just happen to be found to be accurate thousands of years later, unless it were coming from God himself.

So very cool. Read more about it here:


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