Monday, May 14, 2012

My mother, soon to be 80 years old, is on facebook, checks her email, listens to her son's sermons each week on the internet, takes no (last time I checked) medication, puts up with Miles, prays for her children (and their spouses), grandchildren (and spouses), and great grandchildren every day, yells at the TV during football games, asks too many questions during movies, makes fabulous meals, loves to go for walks but is frustrated that she really can't anymore, couldn't speak English until she got to elementary school, often went without enough grocery money but managed to make end meet, secretly would buy a lottery or raffle ticket or 2 each year, survived cancer, mourns the loss of her 5th child everyday, has more hair on her head than all over her sons - combined, took in a little girl and made her as her own even though she couldn't afford it, hates Swedish hockey players, and wonders where those 80 years went. Well, on this last point I can safely say that those 80 years have gone straight to the hearts of us who have benefited from your love!

Thanks for the wonderful investment Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

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