Monday, June 20, 2011

Count Them!

Well, as much as I want to talk about the Canucks/Bruins game that will be over by the time you read this... I'm not going to. Whatever has happened has happened. The world continues to turn, and the sun continues to shine (I think). It would be nice if it turned and shined on the Canucks' Stanley Cup parade... but, I'm not talking about that.

Being worried about a hockey game is such a trivial thing. I got a wonderful story from the my Mom's cousin (my first cousin once removed for those who are keeping track) of her teenage years living through, and after, WWII as a German speaking person living in Poland. I found myself up past 1am reading the amazing story of her plight, flight, and rescue through those terrible years in Eastern Europe. I hope to have a link to the story soon... but having her share about needing to worry about getting food, water, avoidiing bombs and rapes, losing and trying to find her family... makes any stress that we feel nowadays seems trivial, at best. We really are a blessed people living in a blessed nation at a blessed time! Count them!!

So even if my team loses (not that I'm talking about that)... I'm blessed!

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