Friday, August 03, 2007

Houston, we have gotten rid of Vista!

OK. So I installed Vista on my sweet LG S1 laptop (OK, it's not mine... but I like to think it is).
This list of problems forced me to go back to XP!
  1. Somehow Vista sucks video signal out of the machine making our 100ft run of VGA cable from the projector suddenly too long. Vista magically sucks bandwidth out of the signal going out on the external video port. Weird. (Yes, I turned off all of the eye candy on Vista to no avail). The projector image was glitchy every 3 seconds or so... and, sometimes, Vista would go nuts blinking on and off trying to find the external monitor and then not finding it and then finding it... etc. When I put XP back on.... everything was fine again.
  2. Video editing sucks. My Ulead software just wouldn't work (I have subsequently found some updates that I could have tried). Nero 6 just plain won't work (7 apparently does but I don't want to buy it). Windows Movie Maker looked promising but it won't accept MP4 videos! Unreal. So I installed some codecs to make it work and all exported video was garbelled and useless. I quit trying right there.
  3. File transfer speeds were slower! Whether I was copying across the network or on the hard disk things were slower.... noticeably slower.
  4. My webcam didn't work.
  5. My office printer kept saying it was "unavailable"... I quit right there.
There are some things I liked too... but, unfortunately, these were game breakers. Now, do I try to send it back and get my Shipping and Handling back?

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