Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh, they overcharged me.... like 8 bucks!!~

You've got to be kidding. They said they overcharged me... I was thinking "yes, like by about $50". Well, take off a digit and you are close.


Upgrade Redemption Website

Order Status
COA number Product name Quantity Unit price Tax price Final price Windows Vista Business 32-bit CD/DVD 1 CAD 0.00 CAD 0.00 CAD 0.00

Shipping CAD 68.48
Taxes and Duties CAD 0.00
Total CAD 68.48


Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem with my Acer notebook.
They asked me 83.80€.

So, how much did I have to pay in the end?
Tried with an ASUS notebook, and got only 5€ to pay?

Joell said...

Well, as this post mentioned, I still have paid $68. :(