Sunday, February 15, 2004

Please don't hate me. I had my arms chopped off and I have to type this with my tongue! (just kidding). OK. So I've been lax... but there are some more software programs and web sites that I've been fiddling with that you will want to know about!

1. Well, there still Mozilla of course which is at 1.6 and doing awesome!
Of course now... is just the browser (Firefox) and just the email client (Thunderbird). Check them out!

Now, fun with PHP!!

Ever wish you could have your friends/family/church members.... etc be able to update or chat or whatever just through their web browser? Well, it's easier than ever! Here are some apps you'll wanna check out.

2. How about a free church management software system? Yes, it's true. features Infocentral which a PHP web browser database (driven by MySQL) application that tracks members, visitors, giving and alot more. And it's free!

3. Oh, you'll need a web host.. so why not just let your own machine host it for you! That's right, head over to Apache and download the latest server and turn you computer into a bona fide web server! (I do .. see here).

3. Free bulletin board / chat room website (based on Mysql and PHP as well). PHPbb offers an awesome bulletin board system. Check out my demo here.

4. Another bulletin board type program is Invision Board which will cost you money if you register it... but it has a calendar built right in to share info with friends and family. Here's my demo.

5. And, finally, the best word processor is due to come out with a new version soon... which includes Corel Presentations! Check out my page for getting the most out of it!

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